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About on Libya

 For as long as commented this name in the minds of historians and wrote on the walls of the date letters of tradition and foot throughout the ages Libya, which lived many ages and bus heritage and originality has lived history Greeks, Romans and ancient Greeks, making it of interest to both adored Heritage authentic and tradition.

Which brought a lot of them comes new They are fun to eye and loving tourists to discover all that is new has maintained raised the Romans, the Greeks and the Greeks all the originality and made Libya state nature’s most beautiful and largest desert, the Great Desert Sea.

Libya has a distinguished geographical location, it is located in the center of North Africa, and the length of its coastline on the Mediterranean Sea 1950 km and extends رقعتها the vast center of the northern coast of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea to the highlands of north-central African continent. An area of ​​1,750,000 million square kilometers and is ranked fourth in terms of space between the two African countries.

Libya is an important bridge linking Africa and Europe, and is the Libyan ports suitable for the reception of ships throughout the year such as the port of Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi and other good outlets for trade between African countries and with the outside world. It is also conveniently this – is considered an important link between the Arab world and the bright western parts. For this reason, mixing and shows the confluence of cultures and civilizations, the Arab and Islamic countries.

Archaeological and tourist areas:

Because of civilizations successive history of Libya since ancient times, there are many areas of archaeological and deployed in several areas, among them in the Green Mountain and when many areas of archaeological and tourist attractions such as طلميثة and Alotron and Cyrene, Sousse and Ras Al Hilal Valley Bible and Wadi Mark a talk show Christ’s peace be upon him where is this teacher archaeological holy place for Christians and the city of Cyrene (Shahat) established around the year 631 BC. M by Some adventurers Greeks and saw the height of its prosperity of agricultural and commercial activity in the fourth century BC. And one of the largest ancient cities located in the Green Mountain, and the effects of many belonging to different eras makes it one of the most famous landmarks of civilization distinctive splendor of the art high and there are humanitarian بشحات Roman theater and the remains of other effects are the historical era of the Greek and Roman civilizations in those areas. And one of the most important effects bathrooms and Greek Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Apollo lavish and other temples and الاغورا the (Greek market) and the Shura Council, and Castle Alakraboles. And also the city of Leptis Magna, which is located on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth of the valley Libdeh which is port naturally within 3 kilometers east of the city of five, and if set off by car east of Tripoli, after about an hour look like you outskirts of this ancient city where there is a Roman theater and basilicas and arc victory of Emperor Septimus Severus It is a beautiful building full of fascinating inscriptions and the city of Sabratha on the shore of the Mediterranean basin west of Tripoli This ancient city is located timeless, founded by the Phoenicians in the sixth century BC and reached the height of its glory in reign emperors Suerien the in the third century AD. And one of the most important effects: The mausoleum and dates back to the third century BC and public buildings and the court and some of the temples of the Phoenician era. And popular squares and temples Ypriatr, Sirabs and Hercules, as well as theater and arena of the judiciary and public baths in the Roman era and the outer wall and the Church of the Byzantine Justinian famous for beautiful Pfsevsaúha.

General Information

Official Name: Republic of Libya

Capital: Tripoli

System of governance:

Location: Longitude (9 of 25) in the east \ Latitude (18 33) in the north

Area kilo square meters: 1.7755 million

Border: North: Mediterranean \ South: Niger, Chad \ West: Tunisia, Algeria  \ East: Egypt and Sudan

Official Language: Arabic  \  Religion: Islam

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